MML Inc. Montreal: French-language version copies of the multi award-winning documentary “Genocide Revealed”, titled “Génocide d’une Nation” have been gifted for distribution to French immersion schools throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

With Holodomor studies included in the province’s curriculum, the Saskatchewan Ukrainian Relations Advisory Committee (SURAC), chaired by Mr. Gerald Luciuk, and member Holly Paluck, together with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education, recognized the need to provide French-language resource materials to teachers and made efforts to facilitate the donation . “Having worked in French immersion schools, I know first hand that such resources are extremely rare and often must wait years before resources are translated. We are very grateful to Zorianna and Yurij Luhovy for helping to make this possible”, stated Holly Paluck.

Chelsey Vargo Wilson of Intergovernmental Affairs, Government of Saskatchewan received the documentaries and distributed the long-awaited French language educational material as part of the Holodomor resource launch during this falls National Awareness Mobile Classroom tour throughout Saskatchewan. On behalf of an unexpected and welcomed anonymous donor from Manitoba it was possible for Luhovy to mail the thirty-six documentaries to Regina for educators.

“The Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan was the first jurisdiction in North America to recognize this genocide with the passing of The Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day act in 2008. We recognize the high caliber of personal testimonies and historical information this documentary will provide students studying human rights, social justice, and the Holodomor Genocide in Soviet Ukraine”, said Gerald Luciuk. “We appreciate the generosity in offering the schools this valuable resource.”

The Manitoba Department of Education was the first province to receive complimentary French language copies of the documentary as teacher resource material, connecting with the francophone community. For Manitoba, they were gifted with a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies for the 140 French language schools and immersion programs reaching thousands of students. The French version of “Genocide Revealed” was made possible with the support of Caisse Populaire Desjardins Ukrainienne de Montréal, The Shevchenko Foundation, Temerty Family Foundation, Ukrainian Research and Educational Centre and others.

The documentary was produced and directed by filmmaker Yurij Luhovy, narrated by internationally acclaimed actress Geneviève Bujold making it available to the nine million francophone population in Canada and over 225 million worldwide. French immersion programs are in every Canadian province. “Ukrainians in Quebec, a minority living in a vibrant French culture, is always sensitive to the importance of reaching out and making information available about our history. I am pleased this documentary helps do this”, stated Yurij Luhovy. “More provinces are asking to distribute them to teachers. With support, it will be done.” “Genocide Revealed” exposes Moscow’s policy of genocide against the Ukrainian nation. Filmed in Eastern Ukraine before Russia’s current invasion, it focuses on the 1932-33 man-made famine in Soviet Ukraine engineered by Stalin’s regime and the accompanied decimation of the national elite and destruction of Ukraine’s historical past.

Photo: (L to R) Chair of SURAC Gerald Luciuk, Holly Paluck with co-producer Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova at the UCC Triennial Congress in Regina, SK


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