YURIJ LUHOVY, producer/director, worked in the film industry for over 35 years.  A member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, he has worked on award-winning documentaries for the CBC, the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and many independent productions. Yurij has worked on features with Paul Almond, MGM and co-productions in Canada, Los Angeles, France, Italy and former Yugoslavia.  A multi award-winning filmmaker, he has produced, directed and edited many independent, compelling films, including the newly-released, historical documentary Genocide Revealed. Yurij believes only in quality work, and has an unbelievable drive and determination to accomplish what he sets out to do.


UCPBA Winnipeg,
Lifetime Achievement Award, 2009

Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences (UVAN)
Certificate of Merit

The Medal of the Order of Merit, 3rd class,
Government of Ukraine, 2008

The Shevchenko Medal,
National Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Media Watch Ukraine, Award 1996

Filmography Yurij Luhovy

Producer / Director / Editor

Genocide Revealed, English Version of Okradena Zemlya, 75 min. Documentary, In Post production.

Okradena Zemlya, Ukrainian Version, 75 min. Documentary on the 1932-33 Soviet Engineered Famine-Genocide.

Time of Terror,1 hr documentary on the occupation of Western Ukraine under the Soviet occupation during 1939-1941, 2008

Bereza Kartuzka (1934-1939) 1hr documentary on the internment of    Ukrainians during the Polish occupation of Western Ukraine (1920-1939), 2007

Paul Almond, A Profile, 65 min. documentary, 1999

Freedom Had A Price, 1 hr documentary, on Canada’s first internment operations 1914-1920. Aired on CBC and other TV stations in Canada.

Baltic Fire, 1 hr documentary, associate-producer/editor. On the Soviet army storming the parliament in Lithuania and Latvia in 1990. Aired on TV-Ontario.

Camp B’Nai B’Rith, 12 min. Exec. Prod. Ann Ungar. 1990

Ukraine during WWII, 15 educational videos, Univ. of Toronto, Slavic department. Program Chairman: Prof. Yury Boshyk. 1990

2 Video press clips for the National Film Board of Canada, 15min. on the lmax film The First Emperor of China. Viewed on Entertainment Tonight, LA. Prod. Barry Howells. 1989

Harold Greenberg’s 60th Birthday Celebration. Guests included many dignitaries and business associates. 45 min. Astral. 1989

The Montreal World Film Festival’s Merit Award, presented to Harold Greenberg for his continuous efforts in developing the Canadian film industry. 45 min. Astral. 1989

Harvest Of Despair, UFRC Productions. Toronto. Producer/ Associate-Dir., 16mm documentary, in collaboration with The National Film Board of Canada and the Secretary of State of Canada. Post-production director of the French and Spanish versions. Argentina. (1983-84) CBC, SRC, PBS, and France and Argentina.

The 1933 Famine Symposium, 20 one-hour video programs (Inter University Centre of European Studies, University of Quebec (UQAM) and 10 1/2 hour video interviews on survivors of the 1933 famine-genocide in Soviet Ukraine. (1983-84)

Ukrainians In Quebec-1890-1945, 16mm, 28 min, documentary depicting aspects of cultural and organizational development of Ukrainians in Quebec. Original version: English. 1979

Vignette Canada-The Easter Eggs, 16mm, 3 min. for the National Film Board of Canada, Ex. Prod. Roman Kroiter. Prod. Wolf Koenig. Selected to represent 40 years of the NFB, 1978 CBC

-Sweet Lips, 16mm, 4 min. comedy on a capricious woman. 1977

Editor on Features and Mini-Series
An American Affair, 35mm, Adytum Affair Inc. Prod. Arshad Shah, Dir. Sebastian Shah. (1997).

The Dance Goes On, 35mm. Quest Films Inc. Prod./Dir. Paul Almond.  (1990-91)

Les Tisserands du Pouvoir, (The Mills of Power) 35mm. Rose Films Inc., 6 hrs. France Canada co-production. Prod. Marie-Jose Raymond, Dir. Claude Foumier. (1987-88)

Captive Hearts (Fate of a Hunter) 35mm, Massikur Production lnc./Metro Goldwyn Mayor. Prod. John Kuri, Dir. Paul Almond. (1986-87)

Race For The Bomb, 35mm, Ron Cohen Film Co., Canada-France Italy-Yugoslavia co-production. 6 hrs, Dir. Jean-François Delasus/Allan Eastman. Prix Gémeaux finalist for best editing in a dramatic series (entry in the Academy of Canadian Cinema). (1986)

Timing, consultant editor, 16mm, Dir. Eric Weinthal, Hania Productions Toronto. (1985)

Ups And Downs, 35mm, for Quest Film Productions, Montreal. Dir. Paul Almond., Academy of Canadian Cinema. (1983)

The Hot Touch, 35mm. Astral Bellevue Pathe/Trans-Atlantic Prod. 20th Century Fox. Ex. Prod. Harold Greenberg/Robert Kline. Prod. Don Carmody, Dir. Roger Vadim (1982) Genie Award entry, 1983.

Tulips, 35mm, Hollywood/ Montreal co-production. Ex. Prod. Harold Greenberg/John Bonnet. Prod. Don Carmody. Dir. Al. Waxman/Rex Bromfield. (1980-81) Genie Award entry, 1982.

Producer / Editor on Corporatives

-Soda Stream, Prod. JPL Video, 30  min., French vers. Infomercial, ed.

50th anniversary of the Allied Jewish Community Services. (Also cameraman.) 18 min., 1990

Harold’s Tribute, 30 min. on Harold Greenberg’s favorite Charity-Friends of the Tel Aviv Univ. Astral. 1987

Astral-A Great Canadian Company, 25 min. 1986

Just Look At Us Now! Tor., Astral. 1985

The Last Sailors, Adventure Films/NBC, Prod. Robert Maclean (1982-83)

Elle et Lui, two television commercials. 1976

Dislocation In Crystals, 16mm, 22 min. Sir George William’s University Prod. Bernard Queenan. Dir. Dr. H.J. McQueen. 1974

Editor on Documentaries

Being Osama, Dir. Mahmoud Kaabour, Diversus/Passionate Eye CBC (2004)

Be the Creature, National Geographic (Wild Dogs of Botswana, Lemurs of Madagascar, 2003

Fred Rose, Great-North Prod. 1hr History channel (2002)

The Tree That Remembers, NFB, 90 mins. Prod. Mark Zannis (2001) Winner of a Silver for best Canadian documentary at Hot Docs Film Festival.  Winner of Best Social Documentary, Yorton Film and Video Festival.

Komrades In Arms, Prod/Dir. Steeve Kokker, 90 mins, St Petersbourg (2001)

Rocks At Whiskey Trench, 16mm, NFB. Prod Dir. Alanis Obomsawin 2 hr 05
Sundance Film Festival (2000)

Showgirls, NFB, 52 mins. Producer Tamara Lynch, WTN winner of the The Antoinette Kryski Canadian Heritage Award and a Bronze, Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival (2000)

-Architecture of Conversion -The Mojave Desert Tortoises, 

Mexican Wild Life,  (3 of a series: Walk on the Wild Sidel). Greenpace Prod.) Prod. Paul Cadieux, Life, Discovery, Télé-Québec. Fr/Eng. versions, 1999

The Mission of Alain Trudel, 1/2hr, CBC, 1998

La mission d’Alain Trudel, 1h. Télé-Québec, Prod. Greenspace Inc. 1998

House of Dreams, La Maison des Rêves, 1h. Prod. Grand Nord 1997. Finalist at the New York Film Festival and Hot Docs Festival, Toronto. CBC and Radio Canada

Jackie Robinson, Le défi, consultant editor, 1hr, TQS, 1996

A Season of Change, 1997, Vision TV, PBS, 1hr

Lueurs dans la nuit Consultant editor, 1hr, 1997

Red, Consultant editor, 23 min. 1997

The Marriage of San Pedro, consultant editor for Man Alive, CBC, 23 min. Prod. Alan Handel Productions Inc., 1997

The Street, consultant editor for the National Film Board of Canada, 1hr, Exec. prod. Don Haig. (1994-5) CBC

The Human Race (1 of 4 parts) A series by military historian journalist Gwynne Dyer. 1 hr, on patriarchy in Egypt, Green Lion Prod. 1993 CBC

Baltic Fire, 1hr, on the Soviet army storming the Parliament  in Lithuania and Latvia in 1990. 1993 TV-Ontario

Freedom Had A Price, 1hr, on the First War Measures Act. Canada’s first internment operations, 1914-1920. Aired on CBC.

Kanehsatake, 270 Years Of Resistance, 2hrs, 16mm. Prod.  Alanis 0bomsawin/ Wolf Koenig, Dir. Alanis Obomsawin, National Film Board of Canada.  Aired on CBC

The Year Of The Hungry Horse, 16mm, 30 min. Prod. UFRC,  Toronto, 1983

Harvest of Despair, 1hr, 16mm. UFRC Productions, Toronto. In collaboration with NFB and the Secretary of State of Canada, 1983, aired on CBC, History TV, PBS and others.

Being Osama (2004), The Tree That Remembers (2001), Show Girls (1995),

Rocks At Whiskey Trench (2000)

Music Videos

  • Actualité, Richard Narcisse, 1997 Prod/ dir. / ed.
  • Anick Martinique, Larose, 1996 Prod. / dir. / ed.
  • One Way Street, The Phantoms, Toronto, TKR Prod. 1992 ed.
  • Places I’ve Been, The Phantoms…


Genocide Revealed
 Special Jury Remi Award
Political/International Issues

Special Jury Remi Award

Use of Direction

44th Worldfest Houston International Film Festival

Best Historical Film

Honolulu International Film Awards

Best Documentary, The “Albert” Award

Lichfield Hills Film Festival – Official selection

Best “Eye Opener” Award

Audience Award for Best Historical doc.

Film Festival of Colorado – Official Selection

Honorable Mention Award

Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival

Honorable Mention Award

Los Angeles Reel Film Festival

Award of Merit

Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood

Award of Merit

Indie Fest

Award of Merit

The Accolade Competition

Official Selection

Kansas International Film Festival


Bereza Kartuzka

1.Platinum Remi Award
Political /International Issues
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival  2010

2.Honorable mention for Best short
Los Angeles Reel Festival, 2010

3.Best Voiceover
Los Angeles Reel Festival, 2010
Participated in the Kinolev Festival, Lviv, Ukraine (non-competitive), 2010

Freedom Had A Price

1.  The National Educational Media Network Film and Video Festival,

Apple Bronze Award, among 1,500 entries, Oakland, California.

2.  The 42nd Annual Columbus (Ohio) International Film and Video Festival,

Certificate of Honorary Mention, from among 800 entries and 30 countries.

3.   Invited to the Global Visions Film and Video Festival,

Edmonton, Alberta, (non-competitive).


Kanehsatake, 270 Years Of Resistance, NFB Montreal.
Alanis Obomsawin’s film won over 10 international awards including First Prize for editing at the Atlantic Film Festival.

Harvest of Despair

Harvest Of Despair, 16mm film (partial list of 12)

1. International Film and T.V. Festival of New York.  First Prize-Grand Award Silver Bowl Trophy as the best documentary of the New York Film Festival from over 700 films in the T.V. Entertainment Programs and Specials.

2.  International Film and T.V. Festival of New York.  First Prize Gold Medal for best documentary.

3. Houston International Film Festival, First Prize- Gold Lone Star Award for best documentary.

4. The 33rd Annual Columbus International Film Festival.

Chris Statuette Award for best social documentary.

5. Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival. The Special Jury Award.

6. Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival.  The Antoinette

Kryski Canadian Heritage Award.

Personal Achievements

The Medal of the Order of Merit, 3rd class, Government of Ukraine, 2008
UCPBA Winnipeg, Lifetime Achievement Award, 2009
The Shevchenko Medal, National Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences (UVAN), Certificate of Merit
Media Watch Ukraine, Award 1996